Definition: “A Policy is a value (or set of values) that determines or underlies a plan of action.”

Therefore, school policies cover values / plans of action that are relevant to the running of a school.

School Policies vary in scope and level of complexity. Policies that determine school ethos, vision and what the school is for are written by the Governing Body. They express what it is that the GB wants the school to achieve. Policies (procedures) that determine how the school works, are written by the headteacher and staff of the school. They express how the school will achieve what the GB wants. In practise, the senior management team and the Governing Body work together to write and review most school policies. There is a statutory requirement for schools to have certain policies e.g. a Health & Safety Policy. OFSTED also require schools to have certain policies in place e.g. a Safeguarding Policy

At Immanuel College:
Our policies are divided into groups known as ‘Policy Suites’. Policies within a ‘Policy Suite’ will have a common theme e.g. teaching and learning, safeguarding ….. Immanuel Governors review and update school policies on a regular basis. New policies will be written where necessary. Governor responsibility for school policies has been divided between the various governor committees as appropriate.

There is a ‘Policy and Document Flowchart’ that shows all the school policies, together with their policy suite and the governor committee that has responsibility for them. Each policy has a named governor; it is the named governor who liaises with a member of the senior leadership team when it is time to review the policy.

Immanuel College takes advice from experts when new policies need to be written; Bradford Council may provide a template to use as a starting point. Some Immanuel governors have specialised expertise relevant to the writing / updating of school policy. Hard copies of school policies are available from the school office.