Immanuel College is now part of the Bradford Diocesan Academy Trust (BDAT). BDAT has delegated many aspects of managing the college to our Local Governing Body (LGB). Our LGB has the freedom to choose how to fulfil its statutory and delegated responsibilities. This includes how often meetings are held and whether to have smaller committees for some areas of responsibility. This is how we work:

Local Governing Body (LGB)

Meets five times per academic year

Regular Committees

  • Achievement Standards and Quality of Provision (ASQP)
  • SIAMS Monitoring (SM)
  • Leadership & Management (L&M)
  • Student Pastoral Care (SPC)

Occasional Committees

  • Pupil Discipline (PDC)
  • Hearings
  • Appeals

Working Parties

  • May be setup by the LGB to focus on a specific issue which would otherwise take up too much regular-meeting time.
  • Usuallya working party is time-limited i.e. it will cease to exist once the issue is solved / new venture is started.
  • Non-governors with relevant expertise may be co-opted.
  • Meetings held as often as necessary to complete the task.

Link Governors

  • Individual governors are linked with faculties and/or school improvement targets and/or selected student cohorts (e.g. SEN or post-16 or G&T).
  • Link governors aim to visit their link staff member every term.

Membership of ASQP and SPC Committees:

  • Governors choose which committee(s) he/she would like (& has time) to attend and to which they have the most expertise to contribute.

Membership of L&M Committee:

  • The chair and vice-chair of the LGB
  • Committee chairs
  • An elected parent or SIAMS-monitoring parent governor, who is not a chairperson
  • Dale Smith (Co-opted Gov & member of Bradford Council) likes to attend if he can
  • Rev Stuart Hacking in his role as School Chaplain.

Membership of SIAMS Monitoring Committee:

  • All SIAMS Monitoring Governors

Membership of Occasional Committees:

  • A minimum of three governors, who have the necessary  training / experience and are available at the time the committee will meet.
  • Appeal Committee governors will be selected from those who did not attend the relevant Hearing or Pupil Discipline Committee.