It is a legal requirement that your child attends school regularly between the ages of 5-16. Regular attendance at school is vital in order that students benefit fully from the opportunities that Immanuel College provides. As a school Immanuel is proud of its attendance and aims to improve it further with the support of parents and students alike. Students are kept fully aware of their attendance at school and how important it is. Excellent attendance is recognised and rewarded regularly throughout a student’s time at Immanuel College.

We ask that parents contact the school absence line as early as possible should their child be absent from school for any reason. When reporting an absence please remember to leave your child’s name, registration group, reason for your child absence and your child’s expected date of return if known. If we do not receive a call informing us of your child’s absence we then use a text messaging system to contact parents asking them to provide a reason for the absence.

It is very important that we receive a telephone call for every day that your child is absent.

School absence line: 01274 659888

Regular school attendance – Why its so important?

Going to school regularly is important for your child’s future. For example, children who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and don’t do as well in their exams.

Good attendance shows potential employers that your child is reliable. Research suggests that children who attend school regularly could also be at less risk of getting involved in antisocial behavior or crime.

If a child is absent just one day a week, over the course of their school career they will miss two years of schooling.

Regular school attendance will help your child achieve their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

Preventing your Children from missing school: What you can do

You can help prevent your child missing school by:

  • making sure they understand the importance of good attendance and punctuality
  • taking an interest in their education – ask about school work and encourage them to get involved in school activities
  • discussing any problems they may have at school – inform their teacher or year learning leader about anything serious
  • not letting them take time off school for minor ailments – particularly those which would not prevent you from going to work

Please arrange appointments and outings after school hours, at weekends or during school holidays this will help to prevent disruption to your child’s education and to the school. Immanuel College’s attendance policy states that no holiday taken during term time will be authorised.

Family Holiday

We ask that parents/Carers do not take family holidays during term time. Absences due to holidays, taken during term time can seriously impact on a child’s academic attainment. Immanuel College does not authorise any holiday taken during term time unless it is deemed to be in the most exceptional circumstances.

Taking ‘Leave of absence’ without the schools permission could result in you being issued with a penalty notice fine of £60. Penalty notices are issued per parent per child. Where permission has been given for ‘leave of absence’, if you fail to return your child within 10 school days of the agreed return date, your child may be removed from the school role.

If you wish to apply for your child to be absent from school, please request a ‘leave of absence form’ form the school attendance office or download the form below and return it to school at least two weeks before the intended departure.

Absence Request Form

School and public examinations take place for students during November, January, March, May and June. Please do not arrange a family holiday during these times.