The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a multipurpose building provided by the Salvation Army within the grounds of the school which was officially opened on February 6th 2013.

The Salvation Army is a valued partner to the school and its mission in the UK territory is ‘to serve souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity.’

At Immanuel College The Sanctuary is used for both the educational, social and emotional development of students. Students come to the Sanctuary to attend lunch and afterschool groups that are overseen by Emily Trotter, our Salvation Army youth worker. The aim of the groups is to give young people a safe and inclusive environment to voice any issues they may be facing and to encourage a spirit of community within the school. Emily also offers a listening ear and pastoral support to students facing difficult circumstances.

The Sanctuary works alongside the RE department and chaplaincy team, offering hands on exploration of prayer, Enrichment discussion groups and enabling experiences of corporate worship. The building also hosts staff community lunches to allow staff members moments of sanctuary from their busy working week.

It is the Salvation Army’s hope that through Christian school’s work, young people would come to fulfil their God-given potential; living out Christian values of integrity, compassion, respect and justice.











What do the students think?

‘The sanctuary is a safe place where you can tell anyone all your problems. It is a bright happy place where your problems can be solved. We also have fun, great clubs where everyone joins in and has a great time.’ Seth, Year 9

‘I come to the sanctuary to deal with upsetting moments or if I need a break. It’s helped me become more confident and happy because I know that I don’t have to deal with my problems alone.’ Ella, Year 8

‘Personally the sanctuary has helped me feel welcomed and gain friendships and confidence, and also helped me with my faith in God. The Sanctuary has been a huge support no matter what the issue is and is accepting towards anyone.Lucy, Year 10