Dear parent/carer,

Immanuel College remote education provision – Information for parents January 2021

We appreciate this is a difficult and concerning time and we want to do everything we can to help ensure that all our students and families are supported as much as possible over the coming weeks.

Our main priority over the coming weeks is to support you and your child with remote learning so they can continue making progress, as well as encouraging positive wellbeing at this challenging time. To help with this we want to let you know about a range of support that you and your child can access if you experience any difficulties. We hope this will help to ensure your child continues to feel they are a valuable member of the school community and help to reassure and encourage them.

You will be aware that teachers, and other staff, are working hard to assign work for students while they are at home using Microsoft Teams. While it is extremely important that students engage with this work and continue to make progress, we do not want any child, or parent, to become overwhelmed. Students should not feel that they have to work beyond the hours of the normal school day and if they are unable to complete all the allocated work they should not panic about this. Students should aim to meet task deadlines but we do not want this to cause students to become worried or upset; if there is a problem please contact the relevant member of staff, or one of the points of contact below, by email so support can be offered. Click here to view some useful hints and tips to help you and your child structure remote learning.

There is a range of support in place to support you if required and both students or parents should feel able to ask for help if it is needed. Firstly, there are a range of contacts you can access if you have any difficulties or require support. Emailing a query or concern to us is the best, and quickest, way to access the support needed and we have set up staff teams to assist with different issues –

  • – Use this email address if your query is of a general nature or is linked to pastoral/welfare issues.
  • – Use this email address if your query relates to technical issues with ICT such as losing a password or not being able to access Microsoft Teams
  • – Use this email address if your query relates to issues with remote learning, including difficulties with specific subjects
  • – Use this email address if your query relates to SEN issues
  • Students can also email their subject teachers directly using their school email address if they need help with a particular subject or task

In addition to the support above, your childs’ form tutor, or another member of the pastoral team, will be contacting you and your child by telephone on at least a fortnightly basis. This is to offer support and encourage your child to engage with their learning, as well as help to resolve any worries or difficulties. Between these calls, we will also contact your child on their school email so they always have a point of contact at school who is checking in with them regularly and who they can contact if they have a problem.

Immanuel College remote education provision – Information for parents January 2021

The information below may also be of use to you –

  • There are instructions at the link below to show you how your Xbox or Playstation can be used to access remote learning –

  • Some mobile phone providers are offering to temporarily increase data allowances for mobile phones to users on certain networks to help children and young people access remote education. Requests for this have to be made by the school once certain information has been provided. If you would like us to apply on your behalf please complete the details at the link below by no later than Friday 22nd January –

We will continue to communicate with you and your child with a range of information and support which we hope you will find useful. In the meantime, if we can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact us.