Sports Personality Nominees


Please see below for the list of students that our PE department have nominated to be this term’s Sports Personality.

We are incredibly proud of our students and want to congratulate them for all their hard work and dedication in PE this term. Well done!


Luke Davis

Highly motivated in BTEC Sport.


Oliver Dewhirst

Highly motivated in BTEC Sport.


Tae Swift

Outstanding effort in all lessons during the first half term. She never complained or moaned and visibly enjoyed and put her all into everything we did in lessons.


Ella Briggs

A valued member of the group. Always has a smile on her face, always ready to get going and extremely appreciative. She is a delight to everyone around her.


Ruby Tallant

Outstanding effort and motivation in PE lessons and commitment to extra-curricular clubs


Lauren Charlesworth

Outstanding effort in GCSE PE both theory & practical.


Caitlin Hodgson

Outstanding effort in GCSE PE both theory & practical.


Emma Cowley

Excellent leadership in lessons. She did this by helping others in class and sharing her extensive knowledge of football in order to support the development of others.


Alex Blowes

Consistently focussed and hard working in GCSE PE.


Tiegan Day

Outstanding effort, never let anything get in her way of achieving aims of the lesson. Tended to be a role model for the teams she was in by putting 100% effort in even when they were the underdogs.


Sam Chin

Outstanding leadership and sportsmanship in rugby. Positive impact on peers practical performance.