Proposed changes to Immanuel College Admission Policy – Academic year 2019-2020


The Governors of Immanuel College would like to give notice of proposed changes to its Admission Policy for the academic year 2019-2020.


Amendment of existing criteria

  • The PAN for Year 7 will be increased to 300; Year 8 will be 270 and Years 9-11 240.
  • In Priority 1 the word ‘immediately’ is to be dropped from the following statement: ‘those with Special Guardianship following being ‘Looked After’
  • In Priority 2 (Church Places) there will be an order change of priority with the moving of staff children criteria from 2h to 2d.
  • In the footnotes there is an addition of the words ‘not in school hours’ to the definition of midweek church worship.
  • The College’s Priority area is to be extended slightly to take in the roads around Westfield Lane in Wrose to the north of Wrose Road.

Consultation Period

The consultation period lasts until January 31st 2018.

Please visit the following links to view the proposed policy in full:

If a hard copy is required, please contact Louise Mellor at the school’s address below.

Comments on the proposed changes to the Admissions Policy should be made in writing by January 31st 2018 and sent to Louise Mellor by e-mail or by post to the school at the address below:

Immanuel College

Leeds Road



BD10 9AQ