GHWY blog

To keep in touch with Immanuel College Go Higher students during the Covid19 lockdown I decided to set a weekly online challenge – some challenges are more fun than others, but all have a link to higher education and thinking about next steps.

Week 1 was to check out the Los Angeles Getty Museum’s website and recreate a favourite art work. Students had to use objects from around their home to create the pieces and send in the image. The results were of a really high standard with the winner being a reproduction of a Frieda Kahlo self-portrait. Bianca is year 9 showed exceptional attention to detail in her entry.

Other the runners up were Mollie in year 9 and Todor in year 10 who both chose van Gogh as their artist to emulate.

Week 2 is based around researching a career and producing a resource, while week 3 is a fancy dress challenge. The students have to dress up to represent a university town or city. Should be interesting. Each week there will be a voucher prize for the winning entry.

Thank you to John Hague for adding the HE provider and college of the week!

Joanne Welding    HEPO    5.5.20