Year 10 GCSE Science



As well as the resources found at, you will have assignments set via SENECA learning. Completing this will help you to revise the topics you completed during year 9 and 10 and ensure you are prepared to start year 11.


If you or your parents want to find out more about how SENECA will help you recall your science watch this clip:



How to access and use SENECA Learning

Step 1: Visit and sign-up.  You will need an email address. Write down your log in details somewhere safe e.g. your planner.

Step 2: Select student and complete the details. Make sure you select ‘Immanuel College’ as the school.

Step 3: Once signed up, click classes and assignments at the top of the page.

Step 4: Click ‘Join Class.’

Step 5: Enter the class code for your set:


Year 10 Higher (Sets 1-2): e5yjo2dicw

Year 10 Foundation (Sets 3-6): rzr1nwt1gi


Step 6: Your assignments will appear in the ‘Assignments’ section below the class courses. New assignments will always start on a Monday so make sure you log in each Monday to check if there is a new assignment to complete.

Step 7: Complete each assignment before the deadline.



If you have any problems accessing SENECA please make contact via the email address below using the subject SENECA Science.