Sample Questions

Some Of The Questions Governors Might Ask

1. Ensuring Clarity of Vision, Christian Ethos and Strategic Direction

In relation to Clarity of Vision and Strategic Direction, we might ask:

How does the School Improvement Plan promote continued improvement in educational achievement?

How does the college help new staff understand and adopt our vision of the college?

Are we promoting British Values?

In relation to the Christian Ethos, we might ask:

What is your strategy for developing the Christian ethos over the next five years?

What is the college approach to collective worship?

2. Holding the Headteacher and his/her team to account for the educational performance and well-being of the college…

In relation to the performance of pupils, we might ask:

Which year groups, subjects and groups of pupils get the best and worst results and why, and how does this relate to the quality of teaching across the school?

What is your strategy for improving the areas of weakest performance as well as standards for all children, including the most and least able, those with special educational needs, disadvantaged students, boys and girls, those of a particular ethnicity, and any who are currently underachieving?

How will we know if your approach is working?

In relation to the quality of teaching, we might ask:

Have we got the right staff and the right development and reward arrangements?

What is the school’s approach to implementation of pay reform and performance related pay, and if appropriate, is it compliant with the most up to date version of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document?

In relation to the well-being of pupils, we might ask:

Is this a happy college with a positive learning culture?

What is our track record on attendance, behaviour and bullying?

Are safeguarding procedures securely in place?

Is our Safeguarding Policy compliant with all current recommendations and legal requirements?

Is our central register up-to-date?

How good is our wider offer to pupils – are we offering a good range of sports, arts and voluntary activities?

Is school food healthy and popular?

Do we listen to what pupils and parents are telling us? How?

What are you doing to address any current issues, and how we will know if it is working?

3. Overseeing Financial Performance…

We make sure that we have at least one governor with specific skills and experience of financial matters, and we ask questions such as:

Are we allocating our resources in line with our strategic priorities?

Are we making full use of all our assets and efficient use of all our financial resources?

Are other schools buying things cheaper or getting better results with less spending per pupil?

How can we get better value for money from our budget?