The Year 7 catch-up premium is used by Immanuel College to deliver additional support within in English classes, giving pupils valuable strategies which will help them make progress.

Who has responsibility for Catch-up?
Overall responsibility is Sean Pickles (Deputy Head)
The English co-ordinator is Claire Upton (Literacy Leader)

A group of fifty-four students were identified by their low reading ages.
A total of 31 students from this group are SEN.
A total of 23 students from this group are pupil premium.

Lexia Core 5
Identified students attended Lexia sessions which accelerates the development of student’s critical foundation literacy skills and is effective in remediating struggling readers. Students also access the programme at home or in the library, before and after school and at lunch and break.
In October the parents of Lexia students are invited to an information session. Further sessions are scheduled for throughout the year.
Reduced class sizes in those sets that contain the students with catch-up literacy and numeracy premium, with numbers rarely going above 20 students in these sets.

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium– Measuring Impact
The measures used to show the impact of the catch-up premium included:
• Baseline testing at start / re-assessment at the end (reading ages)
• Ongoing assessment during literacy and numeracy sessions
• Work sampling
• Attendance at sessions
• Improved confidence at reading
• Improved acquisition of the skills and knowledge that students will need to master in order to be successful at GCSE