Enrichment Activities

The Enrichment Programme is an integral part of Post 16 studies in year 12 which takes place once a week. The school offers this opportunity for several reasons; to provide an interest or hobby for students outside of their academic subjects. However, more importantly, it is no longer sufficient to simply do well in academic subjects in order to secure a place at University or a good job. University admissions tutors and workplace recruitment officers now increasingly look for more seeking rounded individuals who have attempted to explore their potential. It is essential to gain experience in different areas in order to develop a broad range of skills and attributes. Universities are also interested in whether a student has the ability to cope with a broad range of activities alongside their academic work, revealing their organizational skills and personal qualities.

At Immanuel College, we want Post 16 students to have the opportunities to develop fully their talents and interests and to be able to demonstrate a broad range of interests and achievements in the increasingly competitive market for university places and job opportunities. In addition, it is important to have time away from their academic work to relax and pursue broader interests and hobbies. As part of the enrichment programme we run a series of RE activities, one each term. Students are required to attend each of these events as part of our provision as a church school. Events all take place on a Wednesday afternoon in school time within the enrichment slot.

Activities available for Year 12 to participate in include:

• Progression module (UCAS points)
• Charity Co-ordinator (in school)
• The Sanctuary and school youth workers (in school)
• Personal wellbeing at the gym (outside school)
• Working in school with younger students (inside school)
• Work placements (outside school)